Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Getting the hang of it

Computer screens in voting booths are nothing new. Precinct 418 Judge Tom Higley estimates they've been around for 10 years or longer. Each election they seem to become less of a technical issue for older voters.

"For those who are 85 and up, they come in here and it throws them a bit," he said. "They got no computer. They don't e-mail. They've never heard of a blog. One thing we tell them, it's not a touch screen.

"But by the time someone helps them and they've done it, they smile and say, 'Oh, that was easier than I thought.'"

That's progress compared to an incident Higley remembers about four years ago.

"One old boy got so mad and frustrated he just walked out," he said. "He was mad at the world. And he's not been back."

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