Thursday, January 29, 2009

Meet me at the pole?

I guess "Meet Me At The Pole" has a little bit different meaning at one house in the Greyhawk Landing subdivision.

Unlike those who teens who meet at a school flagpole to pray, a bunch of teens were meeting at a pole in a vacant house to sway.

Our Chris Ramirez reported today of a party on Jan. 16 in which several teenage girls were seen wearing lingerie entering a home where mom was gone for the long weekend. While the cat's away....In her place were as many as 75 partiers, many of them underage, and a lot of alcohol.

And also a now infamous stripper's pole. Just say this, parties have come a long way since my day when a couple of cans of beer was pushing the hedonistic envelope.

And a panic room behind the bookcase to hide from the cops? How cutting edge.

But it didn't work. More than 30 minors, including a 12-year-old boy, will now appear in juvenile court all for underage alcohol violations and minors in possesion.

Nothing about possesion of a pole.

Chris' story has prompted more than 50 reader comments, including one who claims he was there. And just for the record, he says there was just one 12-year-old. Oh, good, glad to know it wasn't a middle school field trip.

There's going to be a lot of red faces and hang-dog looks in juvenile court over the next few weeks. Ah, youthful indiscretion.

But look at the bright side. At least there haven't been any police reports of drugs.

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Raider08 said...

I went to Randall with some of the girls that went to this "Lingerie Party"...I graduated last year, while most of these girls are either seniors or juniors this year. It's really troubling to hear stuff like this though. I mean, me and my friends aren't saints by any means, and we party occasionally, but nothing like this.

And apparently a free ticket to juvenile court isn't that much of a deterrent, because the Myspace rumor mill says another party is supposed to happen tonight.