Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's been a good week for the Stedge household

Might be time for Brent and Julie Stedge in Gruver to head for Las Vegas. Their good fortune couldn't be any better.

Last Friday, daughter Callie, 13, and her steer Blackjack won the top prize at the Fort Worth Stock Show -- $140,000. The European crossbred steer was named grand champion steer at the major stock show.

Then Tuesday night at the Gruver-West Texas High basketball game, the Gruver band had a raffle for two halves of a beef. Tyler Stedge, Callie's younger brother, won one of the halves.

In five days, that's getting college taken care of and a whole lot of beef in the freezer for 2009.

"It's almost embarrassing. We never win anythng," said Julie. "Then tonight (Wednesday) I had a fortune cooke that said, 'All Your Dreams Will Come True.'"

You mean there's more?

"People have said if we don't buy a lottery ticket, we're crazy," she said.

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