Thursday, February 26, 2009

Letter from the principal

Our Tascosa sophomore son brought home a letter Wednesday that was given to all students from principal Lynn Pulliam. Suffice to say, it's one his dad never had to bring home to his parents.

"Dear Tascosa parents,

I want to share the facts about a situation that occurred at school today. At about 10:45 a.m., we received a report that a gun was in a hall locker on campus. The campus was immediately placed in lock-down status to secure the building and ensure the safety of our students. The administrative team and police personnel then proceeded to search all lockers. No weapons were found during the search. As the search was being conducted, officers with the Amarillo Police Department continued to investigate the situation and determined a false report had been made. Subsequently, an arrest was made in connection with the false report.

"At all times during the lock-down and the investigation, the safety of our students was the primary concern. Thanks to the quick action of school personnel and police, this situation was resolved as quickly as possible. If we can answer any questions, please call 326-2604."

Moral of the story: The only thing worse than bringing a weapon to school is making up a story about someone bringing a weapon to school.

I ran into a former AISD principal this morning and he speculated the one making the false report may have had a test she wasn't quite ready to take.

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Travis Erwin said...

Least her maneuver was more creative than ... the dog ate my homework.