Monday, February 16, 2009

Not sure I would have admitted that

We have a Snuggie-lover in the house. She's an otherwise normal rational intelligent woman in charge of shaping young minds as an English teacher at Westover Middle School.

Alison Kirkpatrick, who knew! I've known Alison for many years, but never would have thought this about her. But we all have skeletons in our closet. Some of us just prefer they remain there.

She writes: "Now you have me all stirred up! (a little hyperbole there). I didn't ask for it, but I received a Snuggie from one of my sons for Christmas. And I love it!"

Alison said she loves to read late at night long after the heater has dropped to 65 degrees in its pre-programmed mode or is up grading papers and the Snuggie, she says, is wonderful.

"The only thing exposed is my hands, and the rest of your 'monk-attired body' is terrifically warm," she wrote.

All right, but what about going to a game or roasting marshmallows outside, as the commercial shows?

"Oh, heavens, no," she wrote.

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KF said...

Snuggie lovers unite !!