Friday, February 13, 2009

Wrestling for Bruce

Coach Victor Hanning and the Bowie Braves middle school wrestling team will have a fitting tribute to one of our Globe-News co-workers next week.

Bruce Beck has been with the Globe-News for 28 years, a time in which he has held a number of positions. For many years, he's been a feature writer for Our Town, and before that, Friends & Neighbors. His assignments often took him into the elementary and middle schools to chronicle projects, activities and student/athletes accomplishments in coverage they otherwise would not receive.

For the last several months, Bruce has battled cancer and has done so with humor, remarkable optimism and a spirit of hope. He comes to work when he can because work is a good medicine.

At the middle school wrestling tournament next Saturday at Tascosa, Bowie will compete with shirts on the back that say, "In Honor of Bruce Beck."

Thanks Coach Hanning for seeing the big picture and recognizing what Bruce has done all these years. Here's hoping your athletes do too and earn a bunch of medals as well.

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