Monday, March 23, 2009

Cookies for Soldiers

The official deadline for selling Girl Scout Cookies passed about a month ago, but several organizations and individuals are still purchasing cookies to have them sent to the U.S. mililtary in Iraq. The Amarillo Downtown Kiwanis Club is one such organization, which bought 200 boxes to send overseas, last week. If a box is going to Iraq, it sells for just $1.

Approximately 2,000 boxes have been purchased locally to send to Iraq.

"This started a couple of years ago," said Maria DeBrango Stickel, development director for the Amarillo region of the Girl Scouts of the Texas Oklahoma Plains. "Not everyone wanted to buy cookies for themselves, but wanted to buy them for someone else. So here was an opportunity to donate to our soldiers.

The boxes are sent through the local "Socks for Soldiers" organization. Two Girl Scout sisters, Courtnee and Carlen Mild, recently helped in loading up boxes. For those interested in the project, call 806-356-0096.

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