Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Guilty pleasure

I'm no fan of reality TV. Not sure why, but it's never really done much for me. Never sat through an episode of America's top-rated show, "American Idol," never watched a "Survivor" episode or any of its many spin-offs, wouldn't watch "The Bachelor" or any of that ilk at gunpoint.

However, I'm sorta ashamed to say I'm kinda getting into "Dancing With the Stars." It's helped that several in the office had a running conversation about the show yesterday, people, who, like me, might find it a guilty pleasure.

I watched on and off nearly two hours of it Tuesday night. One reason is obvious -- legs and cleavage. That will get 'em just about every time. The other is it's competition, it looks very hard, and there's none of this manufactured storyline personality diva/jerk thing going among contestants.

So if there has to be a reality show, this is it. And, lo and behold, Belinda Carlisle is the first to be eliminated (see above photo). Somehow Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, with the genius mind and two left feet, managed to avoid the Grim Reaper in the first dance-off between the two lowest-rated celebs.

Belinda Carlisle was once the lead singer of the Go-Gos, the all-female rock group that was a staple of MTV viewing in the early 1980s. Now she's 50, though thanks to plastic surgery and tanning, looks a pretty good 50. I was hoping she'd hang on for another week.

But at least Steve-O, the likable moron from "Jackass," made it into next week. Oops, forgot about "Jackass." Maybe that's two reality TV shows that I don't mind watching.

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cindy said...

Watch out, it's addicting.