Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The rock doc

Dr. Rusty Robinson, the physician musician, was back in the music studio last weekened with other like-minded gynecologic oncologists across the country as they continue to make a CD of their own songs for charity.

The name of the band is NED, which stands for No Evidence of Disease, which is music to the ears of patients and doctors. The other music was being played last weekend in New York at the Shelter Island Studio where they remade their demos in anticipation of putting the final tracks down when they meet again in April.

"They turned out pretty good," said Robinson, the Dorothy Jane Rush Professor of Women's Health and Oncology and Director of Clinical Research at Texas Tech University/Harrington Cancer Center.

I'd written back in December that Robinson and five others were combining their musical hobby with their passion for fighting women's cancers. Their CD is scheduled for release in September, which is Gynecologic Cancer Month. The CD will raise money and promote awareness of deadly cancers that don't have the same recognition as breast cancer.

The songs, all written by group members and played in classic and alternative rock style, deal with the issues many with cancer face.

Robinson, who plays bass guitar and harmonica as well as sings, penned one song, "Don't Start the Party." It's based on one of his most animated patients, who befriended several other women during their chemotherapy treatments.

Stay tuned.

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