Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring break -- bah humbug!

A few minutes ago, I replied to an e-mail that had about 20 names on it. In a matter of a minute, I got four, no, make that five, out-of-the-office replies. Ah, yes, spring break. Half the country is at the beach, and the other half is skiing.

I hate spring break. Well, specifically, I hate it when I'm working this week which has been the case for the 27 of 28 years I've been out of college. When I was in sports, you had a better chance of reaching the Pope at the Vatican than getting hold of a coach or athlete during this week. Your life was on week-long voice mail.

What makes it worse is when the rest of your family is on spring break and you're not. That's the case when one is a teacher, the other is a college student and the other in high school. To keep this in a school comparison, it's like being in recess and while everyone is out playing, you're staying inside.

The reason I don't like spring break can be spelled out like this: j-e-a-l-o-u-s-y or even p-o-u-t-i-n-g. Both have always come naturally.

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KF said...

I agree 100%. All you "happy-spring-breakers" check this out!