Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wearin' O' The Green

'Tis St. Patty's Day, and in accordance, I'm wearing green. It's a green polo shirt that at one time might have been brown, but it qualifies as green.

I bat about .500 on wearing green on March 17. Somehow I remembered Tuesday was St. Patrick's Day last night, so I went flipping through the clothes in the closet looking for green. Had that failed, next stop was the sock drawer. But Saints Begora! There she was, a green polo all smashed between some other shirts.

St. Patrick's Day as a kid could be a traumatic experience. If I didn't have on green, I got pinched all day and after awhile, enough is enough. I got mad, and playing the blame game, I'd get mad at my mother for not insisting I wear green.

A few years ago, when I finally started dressing myself, it was up to me. But after surveying the closet, I realize don't have a lot of green. At least it didn't start out as green.

It helped to have a flyer in the Globe-News elevator to remind all that today was St. Patrick's Day and that "frothy green drinks" in an "historic Globe-News mug" would be sold in the Wellness Center today. If an employee wears green, it's only $2, not $2.50.

A quick little survey of co-workers coming in already this morning shows feature writer Brad Newman, with what he calls the "subtle look," a light green T-shirt that can be seen, but barely. Feature writer Cheryl Berzanskis (shown above in last weekend's St. Patrick's Day celebration in Shamrock) claims she has green on that only a woman would know, "a dab of green in the print on her blouse," she said. Whatever. I'll take her word for it. City editor David Warren appears to be green-less. And medical writer David Pittman walked in with a light green shirt on.

But I will be neither pinch-ee nor pinch-or today. And, for the record, that photo is not of Cheryl.

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