Friday, March 13, 2009

Where everyone knows your name -- or used to

Truly, there is no one who's safe from unemployment during these economic times.

A couple of days ago, the Boston Globe reported that Eddie Doyle, the famous bartender at the Boston pub Cheers and the inspiration behind the hit show, is losing his job after 35 years.

The reason? The economy, of course.

According to the Globe, many public figures are shocked by the news, with former Boston mayor Raymond Flynn saying that the city has lost an institution and calling Doyle "as important as George Washington to this city; he's that well known."

Besides dispensing beer and advice for more than three decades, Doyle also spearheaded local fund-raisers for several charitable organizations including the Cam Neely Foundation for Cancer Care, Friends of Floating Hospital and the Massachusetts Soldiers Legacy Fund.

On the TV show "Cheers", Sam Malone, played by Ted Danson, was the Doyle character.

It hit me earlier than that unless you're 30 or so, you may not have much of an idea of what "Cheers" was all about. In the category of Time Flies, the show left the air 16 years ago. Sixteen!

"Cheers", where regulars at the bar shared their experiences and lives with each other while drinking or working at the bar, won six Golden Globes. It was an iconic sit com. But it's hard to even locate now even in syndication.

At least the character who may have inspired Norm didn't lose his job. Don't think Norm ever truly had a job unless it was drinking beer.

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