Wednesday, April 15, 2009

And what day is it?

Why, it's tax deadline day, boys and girls. Did you know the sinking of the Titanic was also on an April 15? Draw your own conclusions.

But April 15, unless it falls on a Sunday, is the federal income tax deadline. The day is losing though some of its last-minute frantic filing tradition where the post office stays open late and cops direct traffic as procrastinators everywhere try to beat the midnight deadline.

From today's Washington Business Journal, a survey done by the Marist Poll, shows most Americans have already got theirs in. In fact, 80 percent have already filed their taxes.

The proportion of early submitters goes up when looking at U.S. residents who expect to get a refund, with 89 percent of those saying they send in their returns before the deadline.

And about 20 to 25 percent, according to the IRS, now file their returns electronically themselves, thus eliminating the post office entirely.

People in the West put things off the most with 29 percent saying they wait until today to mail in their returns.

Of those expecting to see the money, half plan to pay their bills with it, including 51 percent of residents who earn less than $100,000 a year.

And 35 percent of Americans who expect to cash in say they will mostly save it, while 15 percent plan to hit stores with it.

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