Friday, April 3, 2009

The French Connection

Good news: Dr. Mike Flores, attorney Paul Herrmann, and Ed Craighead of Dalhart have made it to Paris, France, for Sunday's running of the Paris Marathon. Bad news: They're coming back.

"Though none of us speak French," Flores said, "it's been fun so far."

If nothing else, they all have nice convenient accommodations. Their hotel is about 100 meters from the start and 1/4-mile from the finish. Flores set up the trip through Marathon Tours out of Boston, which he credits for the nice hotel. Also in tow are Walt Weaver and Paul's son, Blake.

"Paul and Walt have been here before and sort of know their way around," Flores wrote in a confusing e-mail. "They rented a car at the airport and left Ed and me to fend for ourselves.

"That was OK until the train into town had some signal problems. We had to get off and try to find an alternate route. Fortunately a kind soul from California knew how to backtrack to another train line and we got to the hotel ONLY 2 1/2 hours after landing. Lots of sightseeing today and tomorrow."

Hopefully, there won't be an international incident before the five get back to the Panhandle.

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