Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A horse's rear -- or eight

This being April Fool's Day, some pranksters can't resist at least trying something. Give Kenny Nagunst, producer of the My Passion is Football radio talk show on KPUR, an A for effort.

The Cumulus radio stations are across from an empty building at 3rd and Polk. In that building in front of several big windows are stored eight artistic ceramic-type horses. The eight are extras that are part of the beautification project in which the horses are placed in front of various businesses, including the Globe-News.

The DJs from across the street often stare at the horses during their shifts. The horses in turn stare back.

"Normally their heads look right at us," Nagunst said.

Except today. Nagunst had a maintenance worker, who has keys for both buildings, to unlock the empty one last night. He then turned all the horses around, exposing their rear ends to the DJs as well as those driving by on Polk St.

That, ahem, cracks me up.

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