Thursday, April 9, 2009

How fragile life can be

It seems there are unfortunate examples of how fragile life is all the time. In the twinkling of an eye it can be gone.

Nothing brings that home like what happened less than 24 hours ago in Southern California. Nick Adenhart was a 22-year-old pitcher with the Los Angeles Angels. The Angels have several pitchers on the disabled list, so Adenhart got the start against the Oakland A's Wednesday night.

He was terrific, going six scoreless innings before giving way to the bullpen. He showed his immense potential. He had to be pumped and excited about his performance even if Oakland came back and won. He showed all the signs of a strong and long career.

And now he's dead.

Leaving the stadium around 12 a.m. with three others in a Mitsubishi Eclipse, a minivan ran a red light and literally sheared the car in two. Adenhart died in surgery around 6 a.m. Two others were dead at the scene.

The minivan's driver fled the scene and was later arrested. Andrew Thomas Gallo, 22, will face charges of manslaughter, felony driving under the influence and hit-and-run. It was reported by that Gallo had a previous DUI conviction and was driving with a suspended license.

It just brings home once again that none of us are guaranteed any kind of time. Not next week, not tomorrow, nothing. Don't want to get preachy, but that's something to reflect on as we enter this Easter weekend.

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