Thursday, May 14, 2009

Drop the charges? Sure

I know attorneys are only doing their job in the legal sense, but sometimes their stance and actions just have me shaking my head.

Convicted killer Levi King is set for trial in June and faces the death penalty in the slayings in 2005 of Brian Conrad, 31, his pregnant wife, Michell Conrad, 35, and her son, Zach Doan, 14, in their rural farmhouse 14 miles south of Pampa.

King is already serving two life sentences in Missouri for killing Orlie McCool, 70, and his 47-year-old former daughter-in-law Dawn Burr McCool just one day before the Pampa slayings.

King's attorney, Joe Marr Wilson of Amarillo, has argued that charges against King should be dropped because Texas officials didn't comply with a law overseeing his detention and extradition.

Documents filed with the Seventh Court of Appeals say that state prosecutors failed to bring trial against King within 120 days of his July 2008 return to Texas. The Interstate Agreement on Detainers Act, or IADA, calls for criminals extradited to the state to face trial within that time.

Yeah, let's just forget the whole thing because of some perceived clerical error. Sorry to trouble you, Mr. King. Go back to Missouri to live the rest of your life in prison and don't worry about this little matter in Texas.

Absurd. Fortunately, this won't happen.

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