Monday, May 18, 2009

Jesus in a snack pack

I once saw the sihouette of Abraham Lincoln among some cumulus clouds, so anything can happen, especially if it's the likeness of Jesus. Claims of seeing Jesus' likeness have been found in a tortilla, on a shadow on a grain elevator, and on random stains, so why not in a Cheeto?

A Dallas area resident beives she's discoveed a Cheeto that looks like Christ's son. Sara Bell came across the snack a few weeks ago while she and her husband, Dan, were driving home from Houston. He bought her a bag of Cheetos in Jersey Village, she said, and everything was normal until she was about a third of the way through it.

“Then Jesus appeared,” Bell told the Dallas Morning News.

Until she decides what to do with the Cheeto, Bell is keeping it safe, wrapped in tissue inside a box that once held a wristwatch.

“What I’ve been worried about is if I have it around my house, it’ll get eaten,” the retired teacher said. “If not by a person, then by an ant.”

Bell said she hadn’t shown the Cheeto to any ministers at her church at Highland Park United Methodist, but several friends have seen it, including Carolyn Matthews.

“I can’t imagine that anyone looks at their Cheeto closely enough to see that,” Matthews said. “I eat mine way too fast.”

Apparently, Bell isn’t the only person to eat Cheetos slowly enough for a divine experience. In the past 15 months, there have been media reports about similar finds by a Missouri woman and a Houston man.

“God is probably wherever you want to find God,” said the Rev. Diana Holbert, pastor of Grace United Methodist Church in Old East Dallas. “It seems like a little bit of a waste of time, but who am I to judge?”

Some friends have told Bell to put her Cheeto on eBay. Others told her to try to get it on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show. But Matthews offered no such advice.

“I just told her I’m glad she’s found Jesus,” she said.

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