Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tolling the bell

David Hall of Fort Worth has spent much of this month in Amarillo showing off his passion. He pulls a large replica of the Liberty Bell which has with it, the 10 commandments on a pillar.

Hall has been to 25 elementary schools in Amarillo where students have learned and rang about the famous cracked bell.

"If we don't train and teach children," he said, "who's going to take our place?"

Hall also takes the Liberty Bell replica to funerals for Texas veterans and those Texans killed in the Iraq War. He calls them "concluding honors." He has taken the bell to 300 funerals for vets and 114 for fallen soldiers.

Hall will have the Liberty Bell this morning in Canyon at the funeral of Maj. Dr. David Houseal, who died in Iraq on May 11, one of five slain when an American soldier fired upon them at a mental clinic.

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