Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Stop the presses!

Anyone else get the feeling of "Duh!" when many in the media on Sunday announced almost breathlessly that Nashville police had announced the July 4 shooting death of former Tennessee Titans QB Steve McNair was a homicide.

You don't say.

Let's review: McNair was found with two gunshots to the head and two more in the chest. His girlfriend was found with a single gunshot to her head and a 9mm pistol beside her.

Wow, a homicide. Boy, that ruling just came totally out of leftfield. What else was the conclusion going to be? Remember, FOUR gunshot wounds. If it's not a homicide, what's left? An accident? A botched suicide attempt? Homicide, huh. What a shock.

I'm not meaning to make light of a tragic situation, but only to point out a little bit of the absurdity of the announcement and the way the national media delivered it.

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