Monday, August 17, 2009

Irvin to trip the light fantastic

For all of you "Dancing With the Stars" junkies, the new lineup for the next season was announced this morning. How about this Texas combo, Tom DeLay and Michael Irvin?

Yes, the former Majority Leader of the House and the Dallas Cowboys' top wide receiver ever are among the contestants. The Cowboys may not be able to win a playoff game any more -- 13 years and counting -- but don't mess with them on the dance floor. Emmitt Smith won just a couple of years ago. I'm thinking Irvin is going to be tough to beat. He was always viewed as the Cowboys' hardest worker on the field (and probably off) during his Hall of Fame career, and he'll be in it to win it.

As for DeLay, who knows? If there's a dance called the "side step", he'll beable to hold his own as well.

Also, mixed martial arts fighter Chuck Liddell is among the male constestants. Among the women, I gotta pull for a beauty from my age group -- former Sports Illustrated model Kathy Ireland.

The ninth season of the ABC show premiers Sept. 21.

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groom girl said...

Side stepping, indeed. When I heard the news about DeLay, I had visions of "twenty fans aturnin'".

When Hutchison beats Perry, maybe Perry could follow in DeLay's footsteps followed by Armey, Cheney, Rove...a plethora of Texas Two- Steppers. Or better yet, a new show, "Dancing with the Lone Stars."