Thursday, August 20, 2009

The onion is all wet

It looks like Garry Karber's onion forecast is now joining the ranks of weather forecasters who used all those computer models and such. It's hit and miss.

And for August, it's miss. Karber, who lives in Perryton, has used an onion, some salt and a muffin pan to forecast a year's worth of rain every New Year's Day. A column in early January showed how and pointed to his uncanny accuracy.

His forecast for the Perryton area for August was dry. Ah-oh. Amarillo, with 9.08 inches of rain the National Weather Service, has had its wettest August on record. The old record for August was 7.55 inches in 1974. Perryton has had similiar amounts of rain.

If two more inches of rain falls in the next 11 days, it will be the wettest month ever on record. The wettest month ever is 10.73 inches set in July 1965.

Even an onion is going to screw things up from time to time.

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