Thursday, August 13, 2009

Salute to lefties

Feature writer Brad Newman is a noted lefthander. Well, actually he's not. When he brought what today was to my attenion, I had to ask if he indeed was a lefty. He admitted he was.

But, today, August 13, is National Lefthanded Day. They feel discriminated against and unloved because 90 to 93 percent of the adult population is right-handed. Some adults still complain because there were nothing but right-handed scissors when they were in elementary school. Get over it

Eight U.S. presidents were/are left-handed, including Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. Draw your own conclusions.

I got nothing against left-handers. I like left-handers even though most are weird. A good baseball team can never have enough good southpaws, for example. I've broken my right wrist twice and, as a result, do a decent job of writing left-handed. But I would hate to permanently go to the other side.

So this is their big day. Cheer up the minority. Take a lefty to lunch today, but be careful. Don't sit on their left or you'll be bumping elbows the entire meal.

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