Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Strike two against Bennigan's

Same song, different verse for Bennigan's.

The national restaurant chain closed earlier this year, but the local Benningan's opened a few months ago in its location on the I-40 frontage row near Paramount. But not any more.
Unpaid rent was the reason, and a sign posted on the restaurant door declared: "Landlord has terminated tenant's right to possess this space and has changed the locks."

That should end Benningan's here once and for all. It would be hard to get the brand name back in the good graces of the public's consciousness after closing twice. Maybe IHOP can do that, but only because it gets so much of its business from I-40 travelers.

The restaurant business in Amarillo is brutally competitive. The quality and quantity of eating establishments just along I-40 is staggering. A slight hiccup can send a restaurant reeling. It truly is survival of the fittest, and Bennigan's, it appears, wasn't fit to survive.

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