Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Yes, it's 09-09-09!

According to my Andy Griffith Show 2009 calendar, it's Sept. 9, 2009. That's 09-09-09. You know what that is upside down? That's right, 666! I just hope I make it through the day.

What happened on the last 09-09-09? Well, it was pretty much dullsville in the world on Sept. 9, 1909. Here's what was going on:

The United States Post Office Department announced a new regulation excusing letter carriers from delivering the mail "at residences where vicious dogs are permitted to run at large".

The 1,600 foot long Santa Monica Pier opened to the public in Santa Monica, California.

The National Library of China was created, to be housed at the Guanghua Temple (Beijing). The library opened to the public on August 27, 1912.

And this is a little weird, but President William Taft's decision to speak to the nation's students by morse code drew a firestorm of protest.

Well, I sorta made up that last one.

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KF said...

You, sir, make me laugh!