Friday, November 6, 2009

Mediocrity, take a bow

The District 3-4A pillow fight -- some might call it the district football race -- comes to an end tonight. Only Canyon, at 7-2, has a winning record. The other five teams all have losing marks. Four teams make the playoffs in this six-team league, which this year, is three too many.

Just the fact that 1-8 Randall has a decent shot to make it, or that Pampa could easily finish 2-8 and make the playoffs is about all the indictment anyone needs.

I'm sure coaches can spin this however they want to make it sounds like some courageous team didn't give up to "earn" a playoff berth. Whatever.

Four teams per district in the playoffs is OK if the district is at least eight teams. The fact that four teams from this district get in the playoffs, and only Canyon could have better than a 3-7 record, makes an old football purist like me shake his head.

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