Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Premium Frosting Mix

The media forever has received free stuff from marketing/public relations firms looking to peddle a product for their client. The hope is to get free publicity by giving something away. It's been going on for years. Most find its way into File 13 (the trash).

Got something last week from Imperial Sugar. It's the All Natural! Baker's Supreme Premium Frosting Mix. Classic White, of course. And there's the obligatory letter with it extolling the benefits of the product:

"Just in time for the holidays, Imperial Sugar has introduced a new line of all-natural Baker's Supreme Premium Frosting Mixes..."

Hyuna Lee, brand manager, goes on to say it only takes five minutes and three simple steps to make a great tasting frosting.

It's a one-pound box inside a mailing box. The postage to send this is $7.60. I can't imagine how many they sent out nationwide or the cost in this.

My problem is what do I do with this frosting? It's not canned frosting in that I just can't stick my finger in it and have at it. You have to add some water and butter.

I guess I could re-gift as a Christmas present for my wife but she would be overcome with emotion (none of it good). Not a good idea.

Tell you what, I've always wanted to do this, but if you're the third caller at 345-3318, you can have ABSOLUTELY FREE a complimentary box of Baker's Supreme Premium Frosting Mix.

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