Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Finally meeting his dad

Nick Jones is a quality athlete, and an even better person. He's a 2007 graduate of Tascosa where he was a standout defensive end and state champion in the shot put.

He went on to Abilene Christian to compete in track and football for the NCAA Division II power. He's a two-time national champion in the discus and was a starting defensive end for the Wildcats.

Anyone who's ever been around Nick for any length of time comes away impressed. As a 20-year-old, they don't come much better. He's up to 6-feet-2 and 245 pounds, is married and a father. Nick has garnered some statewide and national attention twice for finally meeting his father after ACU's playoff game a couple of weeks ago. The first was a column by the Dallas Morning News' Kevin Sherrington. That was followed by a column from Rick Reilly of espn.com.

They're good reads. Check them out.

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