Thursday, January 7, 2010

To muffler or not to muffler

I got this muffler. Not for the back of my car, but to wear around my neck. I've always struggled about wearing it. I've had it quite a while. It's sort of cream colored, and looks like an afghan.

But the thing is definitely warm around the neck. And in brutally cold weather like we're having, it makes sense. But it looks kind of effeminate. It looks like a woman's accessory. I've been debating once again about whether to wear it the last couple of days and, lo and behold, in walks Danh Hoang, our online guru.

He was wearing a blue and gray muffler and looking quite manly, just like he had stepped out of Gebo's catalog. The picture attached is actually an artist's drawing of Danh. It gave me hope.

"For the longest time, I used to think it silly to have this around my neck," said Hoang. "But the more I wear it, the more comfortable I get. I don't care how silly I look, I feel warm."

It's probably a culture thing. Hoang is a world traveler, and has seen much more muffler men in New York and the east than in, say, Tulia.

"I was at the mall yesterday and had a scarf (I wish he'd say muffler) on and I felt like I was the only guy wearing one," he said. "I felt silly, but I was warm."

Well, Danh is a man's man. He likes the Broncos. We share the same suffering for the Rangers. I feel empowered. I'm wearing that muffler tomorrow. But I'm not calling it a scarf.


kf said...

You will be amazed at how much warmer you will be wearing a scarf! Mufflers go on the exhaust system of a car.

Deborah said...

Don't be daft. Wear it. The famous tenor Pavarotti wore a scarf around his neck every day---to keep his throat warm and protect his voice. Surely your voice is important too?

Mike Haynes said...

I just got back from England and France. Everybody over there wears mufflers/scarves, and all do look a little effeminate (especially the French guys). But I tried one myself, seeing as how it was the worst winter there in 30 years, and yes, they do keep you warm. My Texas long underwear helped, too.