Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Who'll be the next?

Who will be the next Republican Congressmen to join Joe Wilson and Lubbock's very own Randy Neugebauer to apologize for inappropriate outbursts in the halls of Congress?

Wilson, from South Carolina, set the bar pretty high when he shouted, "You lie!" to President Obama during a health care address to Congress in September. He apologized the next day.

Not be outdone, Neugebauer on Sunday shouted "baby killer" though he insists he said, "It's a baby killer" as Rep. Bart Stupak, D-Mich., was speaking at the time.

Neugebauer insisted the outburst was aimed at the legislation and its handling of abortion funding – not at Stupak himself.

“I have apologized to Mr. Stupak and also apologize to my colleagues for the manner in which I expressed my disappointment about the bill,” Neugebauer said in a statement. “The House Chamber is a place of decorum and respect. The timing and tone of my comment last night was inappropriate.”

Ironically, Stupak is one of the most anti-abortion Democrats in the House. He was speaking against a Republican amendment on abortion when the shout came out. Stupak has led a group of like-minded Democrats to force assurances from party leadership and the White House that the bill would not chip away at existing bans on the use of federal funds for abortion.

I know emotions get high on the health care issue, but is it possible for elected officials to use their brain before they use their mouth?

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