Thursday, April 29, 2010

"Ginormous' yard and bake sale

On Saturday, you have a chance to buy some second-hand items or some fresh goodies at bargain prices while helping a little 2-year-old and her brain injury.

Billed as a "Ginormous" yard and bake sale, there will be nearly a full parking lot of all kinds of stuff at Got Junk? lot at 16th and Washington. All money raised will benefit 2-year-old Savannah Anderson. She suffers from a hypoxic-ischemic brain injury, which has resulted in severe brain damage, ongoing seizures, poor muscle tone and significant development delay.

The goal is to raise enough money to help with medical and transportation costs so her mother, Michelle, can take her daughter to the Xcell Center in Germany. At the Xcell Center, doctors will extract stem cells from Savannah's hip bone and then inject them into her spinal fluid via the lumbar puncture. There is hope that once the stem cells reach her brain, it will regenerate new brain cell growth.

Michelle is a police dispatcher for the Amarillo Emergency Communications Center. Saturdays in the spring and summer are garage sale days anyway. So stop on buy for a very worthy cause.

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