Monday, May 17, 2010

Those annoying work habits

This being a Monday, it's back to the I-owe-I-owe-it's-off-to-work-I-go grind. If you want to make it a good week for those you work with, and not be "that" employee, here's a few suggestions to follow or not to follow, courtesy of

No. 1: You make a daily call to your partner to "check in," which can last anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes and, depending on how you two are getting along these days, can result in either a nasty fight or the sweet murmurings of baby talk.

No. 2: You just can't seem to make it to those early morning meetings on time. If only the wait at the Starbucks next door weren't so slow, you'd never have to ask your co-workers what you missed.

No. 3: You almost always leave the office early "to beat traffic." You're positive that you have the worst commute of all your officemates. Now in Amarillo, while traffic can sometimes get annoying, it's not that bad.

No. 4: You buy a huge gift basket for someone in the office without consulting any of your co-workers, and then tell everyone that they owe you $10 to chip in.

No. 5: You can't understand what the big deal is whenever you ask your co-workers for "a tiny favor." Don't they know how much work you have piling up?

No. 6: You've once again forgotten to take home and wash the container that has the remnants of your tuna salad lunch a few days ago. It is now a mutant container with things growing off the side and threatening to contaminate the entire office refrigerator.

No. 7: You don't see the need to learn how to send a fax or fix a paper jam when there's always someone around to help you do it.

No. 8: You play your favorite boy band CD on repeat. All day. Every day.

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