Tuesday, June 29, 2010

And what is your Brazilian soccer name?

Notice how those Brazlian soccer players are only known by one name? In this country, it's only reserved for the biggest of the big -- Elvis, Madonna, Cher, Kobe, Magic, Shaq.

You got to be a big deal to go by only one name. But in Brazil, everyone goes by one name. Must be a Brazlian or Portugese thing. They've got these exceptional soccer players with Robinho, Maicon and Kaka on the backs of their yellow jerseys.

Anyway, why let that country get all the cool? Thanks to this website, you can find out how your name could be translated into a breezy one-word name.

My translation is Beiluinhosa. That doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, does it?

Our publisher, Les Simpson, has his translated as Lildo. Sorry about that, Les. Sounds like a detergent.

Feature writer Brad Newman must be an off-shoot of Les. Say hello to Bildo.

Let's see, mayor Debra McCartt is Mcchino. West Texas A&M football coach Don Carthel is Carthino. Venom coach Jon Lyles is Jimo. Dillas manager Brady Bogart becomes the rather cool-sounding Briano.

Give it a shot.

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