Monday, June 14, 2010

Tascosa in elite company

Tascsosa High School was selected as one of the top 1,600 high schools in the country in results released today by Newsweek Magazine. That represents 6 percent of the country's high schools.

Tascosa was ranked 1,345th. The Rebels have previously made the list. Newsweek has ranked the nation's high schools nine times.

The methodology gives much weight to college advanced placement tests and graduating seniors. According to Newsweek: "We take the total number of Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate or Cambridge (AICE) tests given at a school each year and divide by the number of seniors graduating in May or June.

"All public schools Newsweek could find that achieved a ratio of at least 1.000, meaning they had as many tests in 2009 as they had graduates, were put on the list. Each list is based on the previous year's data, so the 2010 list has each school's numbers for 2009."

Tascosa had an index of 1.251. Lubbock High, No. 1,234, was the only other high school ranked. A total of 127 Texas school made the list, led by No. 1, Dallas School for the Gifted and Talented with an index of 14.938. Yeah, but how's their football team?

"We put a lot of effort and focus on our AP courses," said Tascosa principal Dr. Lynn Pulliam. "Our kids have a lot of AP options. Tascosa fits well into the grand scheme of things in Newsweek's rankings. We don't have an international baccalaureate program like Amarillo High does."

Pulliam said the school benefits from an anonymous donor that funds the advanced placement college credit course program.

"We are very fortunate," said Pulliam. "A good percentage of our students get college credit and it's a money saver. Even if they don't earn that, they are involved in rigorous studies that prepares them for college.

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