Friday, July 30, 2010

Coming to his rescue

It was an early 7 a.m. meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous on Sunday, July 18. One of the attendees had ridden his bicycle to the meeting and chained it with a fairly worn lock.

Even at that hour, there were two kids milling around suspiciously.

"We were about to start the meeting, and someone said, 'Does anybody know who those kids are?'" said Larry (not his real name). "They were sitting next to my bike. I look out a little bit later and it's gone."

The lock was cut, and the bike was nowhwere to be found. While Larry later talked to police outside, other members passed the hat and collected $159. The result was Larry got a new bike and a better lock.

"I didn't ask them to do it, obviously," Larry said, "but what's expected of me is not to pay it back, but to pass it on."

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