Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Have vote, will NOT travel

A total of 829 had voted at Randall County Precinct No. 222 at St. Thomas The Apostle Catholic Church at 4100 S. Coulter by 5:30 p.m. It could have been in the 830s if not for a little irritant known as state and federal voting laws.

Paul Matney, alternate election judge for the precinct, said a family from Corpus Christi and a couple from Fort Worth asked if it were possible to vote at the church.

"They were very, very nice," Matney said of the two families. "They were here to do business, and forgot to vote back home, and wanted to see if they could vote here."

With the exception of early voting, Matney said, voters can only cast a ballot where they are registered.

"They could have voted a limited ballot if it were early voting," Matney said. "That would include any statewide and federal races, but no local ones. But you can't even do that on election day."

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