Tuesday, November 4, 2008

WTAMU rocks the vote

Fareen Ahmed, a West Texas A&M senior nursing student from Houston, completed her first presidential vote around 4 p.m. She feels so red, white and blue now.

"I actually feel more patriotic," she said. "It's such a big day in our history. There's so much diversity on campus and so many different opinions on Obama and McCain. It was interesting to hear what students had to say."

Ahmed was wearing a light blue "WTAMU Rocks The Vote" T-shirt, which she got for free for registering to vote.

"Well, I did want the shirt," she said, "but I would have registered anyway."

She was with Alyson Cantu, a graduate student from Crosbyton. Cantu is an old pro at this presidential voting, having done so the first time in 2004. Cantu voted at the Randall County Justice Center just north of campus.

"There's wasn't as much hype in 2004 as this one," she said. "There's so much talk on Facebook and MySpace. There's definitely a greater interest.

"Marketing strategies by both candidates have targeted this age group. There's so much talk about education reform, and college students feel like they have a voice that needs to be heard."

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