Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Not gonna vote

Barack Obama missed out on one potential vote. Scott Garcia, meat department manager for United Supermarkets on River Road, did not register to vote. But if he did, he'd have voted for Obama.

"McCain is just going to carry on what Bush did," said Garcia during a smoke break. "If I would have voted for anyone, it would have been Obama."

So how much does Garcia believe a vote counts?

"As many people as vote on a presidential election, not too much," he said. "Look at the problems they had with Bush in his first election. It doesn't seem like they all get counted."

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Ms. W.C. said...

What a great idea! This definitely adds some humor and good information on what's happenin' at the polls around Amarillo! Thanks to the Globe News and Jon Mark Beilue for the personal touch, and for lightening the mood of the day. Can't wait for the next post!