Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What's in a name?

With a name like Liberty Calloway, you might think this mother of a 12- and 9-year old would take voting seriously. And you would be right.

"I guess I feel like it's my responsibility," she said. "I want to be an informed voter."

She might have been the most informed of the first 150 voters Tuesday at Humphrey's Highland Elementary. Once a voter gets past the presidential, U.S. Senate, and the sheriff's races, there can be a lot of unknown candidates in oh-by-the-way offices.

"Actually, I read about them before I voted and wrote down who I wanted to vote for and brought it with me," Calloway said. "It was my cheat sheet. We get so focused on the president that there's not a lot of focus on the statewide and local races."

Liberty met her husband, Josh, an electrician, around 11 a.m. to vote. Her 12-year-old daughter voted in a mock election at Austin Middle School last week where Barack Obama won. Voting is a big deal in the Calloway house.

"We have a calendar at home, and on Nov. 4, we've got written, 'VOTE,'" she said.

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