Friday, January 30, 2009

The Big One XLIII?

Here's a way to impress your friends when you're at Sunday's Super Bowl party. Just mention how the Super Bowl got its name.

The first game was in 1967. The matchup, which originally was between the champion of the old-guard powerful NFL and the upstart weak-sister AFL, had the convuluted name of the NFL-AFL Championship Game.

Yawn. They needed something catching, especially with the merger of the two leagues coming. NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle suggested, "The Big One." Nice try, Pete, what else we got?

If you were a kid in 1967, you remember those dark green super balls. They were made of hard rubber and if you hammered it hard enough on the driveway, it would bounce not only over the house, but maybe the backyard. They were cool.

Lamar Hunt, owner of the Kansas City Chiefs, was no kid. But he had kids, and even the rich played with a cheap super ball during those days.

Super Ball...Super Bo -- Eurkea, SUPER BOWL!!!

And thus the biggest sporting event in America got its name. Of course, your friends may just tell you to shut up, who cares and pass the bean dip.

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