Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl Redux

Here's hoping you didn't eat or drink too much at your Super Bowl gathering, but, of course, I know you did.

Random thoughts on a great game:

1. Remember when Super Bowls used to ho-hum blowout affairs? That's so 1990s now. Seven of the last eight Super Bowls have gone into the fourth quarter as a one-score game.

2. Bet you the biggest cheer at your party was Larry Fitzgerald's 64-yard TD reception from Kurt Warner with 2:37 left. The longer the game went and the better Arizona's chances were for an upset, the more vocal one-day-only Cardinal fans got. America loves the underdog.

3. Two plays will go down in Super Bowl history. Of course, James Harrison's 100-yard interception return may be the biggest defensive play in the game's history. It was huge. A 14-point swing and had he been tackled a foot earlier, it wouldn't have been a touchdown.

Santonio Holmes game-winning catch was incredible. Did you see the ground-level replay at game speed? It looked like a shortstop spearing a line drive without a glove.

5. Way too many penalties: 18 for 162 yards, 11 of them for 106 yards against the Cards.

4. An overlooked play that was No. 3 in the game was when Ben Roethisliberger avoided a sure sack near the goal line on the Steelers' final drive. Had he been sacked, now it's 2nd about about 25 and Pittsburgh isn't getting out of that hole. As it was, he completes a 13-yard pass and the Steelers convert a manageable third and six on their winning drive.

5. I always thought Roethisliberger was slightly overrated, certainly not one of the game's elite QBs. That game changed my mind. Made some huge plays, and it was like he had a force field around him. Despite constant pressure, he escaped one sack after another.

6. Super Bowl commericals for the most part were fairly lame. Not much was really laugh-out-loud funny. Maybe it's the economy.

But the state of the economy may have been the theme for the funniest one. That's when the employee was kicked out of high rise building for suggesting as a cost-cutting measure to eliminate Bud Lite. and spoke to the economy as well. If you don't like the job you're in, get a new one (like there's a whole lot out there). The guy working at his desk with the stuffed moose's caboose was worth a chuckle. And the e-trade babies were pretty decent too.

So any big office pool grid winners out there? Anything about the Super Bowl stand out for you? (That's printable)

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