Monday, February 2, 2009

Prairie Dog Pete

It doesn't seem right that some groundhog in Pennsylvania should decide how much more winter we're going to have in the Texas Panhandle. But old Punxsutawney Phil crawled out of his hole this morning up in Pennsylvania, yawned, and saw his shadow.

Everytime the old boy sees his shadow, that's supposed to mean six more weeks of winter. For all of us. And I've never understood that if the groundhog sees his shadow -- which means it's sunny -- that it means six more weeks of winter. Shouldn't it be the opposite?

Hey, we've got Garry Karber's onion forecast in Perryton that I'd like to think is more reliable. At least that's local. Why can't we get some local rodent to weigh in. A Prairie Dog Pete or something like that.

Ideal forecast would be some rain, some moisture, anything that doesn't include much ice to ease the fire hazard out there and give farmer some much-needed moisture for wheat crop.


Makkatt said...

How about a Bovine forecaster for the Panhandle area on Groundhog Day? Rodents spend most of their time in burrows, at least a cow or bull would have a bit more of a stake in the outcome as they have to be out in the weather all day. We could have Harry the Hereford Bull.

Strawberry said...

Lubbock has Prairie Dog Pete. Don't know if he saw his shadow.