Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Casual observers

Jack Loring, 77, and Ricky Farris, 55, were eating breakfast before 8 a.m. Tuesday. Some early inaugruation coverage was on the TV several feet away. That might be as close as they get to watching today's festivities.

After all, it is a work day.

"I'm just going to be too busy," said Farris, an insurance adjuster. "I've got to go out of town. I'm not going to watch it."

Loring said he'll like peek in on Barack Obama's ceremonies on occasion.
"I'm not just going to sit down and concentrate on it," he said, "and it's not because of his color. I've never watched any of them."

Will you watch any highlights on the nightly networks?

"How are you going to keep from it?" Loring said.
Nevertheless, they both hope Obama is effective in leading the country and the tough issues that await.

"I hope they're successful, I really do," said Farris, who voted for McCain in the general election. "This is probably the worst economy any president has faced since Roosevelt.
"It is," said Loring, "and I'm old enough to remember the Roosevelt deal."

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