Monday, January 19, 2009

Reporter's Notebook: Eighth-grader enjoys speeches

Saturday's agenda for Sam Haddad, an eighth-grader from St. Andrews Episcopal School, included hearing a speech from Eric Weighenhauser. Haddad will attend the inauguration Tuesday as part of a national youth leadership conference.

Haddad said he learned that Weighenhauser was the first blind man to climb Mount Everest and that he has scended the seven highest peaks from every continent.

"His speech was very motivating and he talked about getting over challenges like his blindness,
Haddad said.

On Sunday, Haddad heard Gen. Colin Powell give a speech about leadership and his position in the Army.

"He said that in order to be a leader, you have to have followers," Haddad said.

But Haddad said he wished he could have attended the concert Sunday at the Lincoln Memorial.

"It was too cold to listen outside," he said.

He looked forward to a meeting that would feature Al Gore today.

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