Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This bloggin' thing

As I'm sure you will one day -- if you haven't already -- I'm joining the blogosphere as of this morning. To paraphrase, it's a blog, blog, blog world out there. It's the simple, fast easy way we communicate today.

So why add to the blogfest? Well, when your supervisor says it would be a good idea if you started a blog, you say, "Well, OK." Besides, it could be fun, a way for you to know me, and a way for me to connect with you, the public.

If you read the pages of the Globe-News, you likely know me. Or at least know of me. I've been the general columnist for this newspaper since September 2006, writing of people, issues, spouting opinions and hopefully conveying what's going on in yours and my life.

Before that, I spent 25 years in sports, 17 of them as sports editor of the Globe-News. So, yes, Amarillo and the Panhandle is certainly home. I'm a youngish 50, though that tends to change depending on the morning. I like to run, read, listen to classic rock, and obviously sports -- the locals, sure, but also Texas Tech (my alma mater) and the Big 12, the dysfunctional Cowboys and the woebegone Rangers.

I love my God, my church, my dog, and certainly, wife Sandy of 24 years and our two boys.

I'm not sure what this blog will be, but hopefully it will be some quick thoughts on our local slice of the world, what I may be columnizing about (no, that's probably not a word), maybe something that's on your mind, or even my often weird stream of consciousness.

I'd say there's one rule. This is not going to be any hate-filled place to vent. It's easy to do anonymously and name call. Not that you can't express an opinion, but you can do it and be civil about it. There's plenty of other places to take cheapshots.

So let's see what happens.

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Anonymous said...

Are you going to "twitter" too?

I have always enjoyed reading you. Even in your TTU days.