Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This is different

I'm amazed at those who are defending the 100-0 basketball blowout between two small private schools. It's the American Way, you go all out all the time, life is tough, so deal with, and so forth.

Look, I think fans can get too sensitive -- especially when it's your team on the wrong end of a rout. Losing teams have a responsibility to play better, to do the necessary things to be more competitive. Generally, if it's college and certainly pros where the playing fields are more level, I don't get too bent out of shape on lack of sportsmanship and scoring as much as possible. They're big boys.

But this is high school where often things are not equal. Dallas Covenant much earlier in the game -- like 59-0 at halftime -- had the game won. What's left to prove except the theory "never hit a man when he's down, kick him, it's easier."

The ex-Covenant coach could have told his team to pass the ball a little more, chew up some clock, use this as a teaching moment. And certainly, if there's any sense of what's right, it had to cross his mind, "My gosh, we might win 100-0."

I don't agree that the other team is being treated like fallen heroes, appearing on "Good Morning America" and will be guests at a Mavericks game. Kids are resilient, usually more so than adults. They shouldn't be made into martyrs, but there's no justifying what the Covenant coach did either.

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