Friday, February 6, 2009

The endless Harris hype is almost over

The record for the longest most overblown promo in the history of Amarillo television ends Monday. All together now, can we get an amen?

John Harris assumes his duties as chief meteorologist for Fox 14 and KAMR, the NBC affiliate. Believeing the incessant hype, I'd have to think that instead of forecasting weather that he'll also be changing the weather as well, maybe walking across Lake Meredith as a remote in his first week.

My Lord, didn't the first promos start during the latter days of the Bush administration, no, I mean, Daddy Bush's administration? Actually, the first ones I saw were during the Summer Olympics in August, which were six months ago. Six months! Katie Couric going to CBS got a bare mention compared to this. It's been impossible for the last six months to watch KAMR and not be inundated with this breathtaking change.

Super Bowl hype ain't nothing to this.

Harris had been with KFDA for 16 years. "Big John" had pretty much been a solid second fiddle to "Doppler Dave" Oliver. Harris' last day with KFDA was July 25.

Harris move is somewhat unprecedented because of "non-compete" clauses that permeates the contracts of the three network affiliates and that may be one reason for all this. Seldom does on-air talent change stations in the same market. It helps keep salaries down.

Harris does have credibility and a solid on-air presence, but he's not going to change the face of weather, as we've been told ad-nausem. He seems like a really good guy though, and I'd have to think he's somewhat embarrassed by all the attention. I know I would.

Meanwhile, poor old Amy Gardner, having been kicked to the curb, has continued like a real trooper in between the Harris hype.


Karl said...

I agree, Jon Mark. It has been virtually nonstop for months. Don't they know people start tuning such stuff out after about the third time? After that, it becomes a joke and an irritant. I like John Harris, but right now I probably won't watch him just to spite KAMR for the overblown hype.

Jerry Brunson said...

I suppose since I'm a big fan of your columns, it's appropriate that I get in the followers list and not miss any of your brilliant work such as this blog on "Big John" Harris. John does appear to be a good guy (and fine family man) as you have indicated. We probably would not have suffered so much of this over-the-top hype if the sales staff at KAMR had sold more revenue generating air-time.

BTW... I have a personal question I will email to you concerning some content on my blog:

Thanks again & keep up the good work!