Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nice not to tow

Melinda Christy of Christy Realtors would hope some of her tenants' kindness and patience on Civic Circle is rewarded in the wake of Tuesday's crowds and spillover parking for the free Grand Slam breakfast at the Denny's on Georgia. Denny's lot couldn't begin to hold all those hungry early-morning patrons.

She writes, "Tomorrow's article can be about the gracious neighbors that owned property around the Denny's Restaurants that didn't have Denny's customers towed. Instead, we took the high road and hope in return, one, maybe just one, of those Denny's customers might remember how patient and nice we were for letting them park on our lots, taking away OUR customers and OUR employees spots so they could have a free $5.99 breakfast.

"We could have towed the hundreds of vehicles but can only hope they saw our sign any may some day become OUR customer because of it."

So if you need a massage, some technical work on a computer, your hair cut or styled, are interested in Mary Kay Cosmetics, or have any need for a video production company AND you parked over there for an extended period of time while chowing down on breakfast, you might owe them one. At the least stop in and say thianks.

After all, you could have paid triple figures after having your car towed.


KF said...

I totally agree with Ms. Christy and her comments on the Dennys patrons of Tuesday morning. Even though I do not live in Amarillo and did not participate in the free breakfast, I commend the surrounding businesses for the courtesy extended to those who did.

Hopefully, as Mr. Beilue suggests, there will be those who patronize these establishments in the future as a result of their kindness.

"What goes around comes around", and that could certainly be true in this instance. This is just another example of the kindness of the Texas Panhandle as compared to other areas of the country.

Having been an avid reader and fan of Jon Mark Beilue's writings through the years - first in his unprecedented sports coverage and now as a columnist - I am thoroughly enjoying the blogs.

MamaBaker'sBabyBoy said...

Oh, come on, I know it can be frustrating when someone parks where they know they ought not. But those self-congratulatory comments are the worst. When you do a kindness you should keep your mouth shut - the kindness and the reason why you were supposedly kind is ruined.
Hey, by the way, I saw a bug the other day and I didn't crush it. That bug better remember what I did for it. You know, it is better to give than to receive. Jeepers.

justpassingthrough said...

It's called GRACE, Melinda. You don't need to call attention to it. Do good things in private and good things will come to you.
Whine -- and what goes around will come around.

It's a good thing I'm not in the market for a house.