Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oops, my bad, Sean

A reader pointed out in a previous blog that the anti-gay Oscar protests on Sunday were from the resident nuts (my words, not his) at Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas, the collection of loonies who have gained notoriety over the years for protesting at soldiers funerals across the country as a way of saying that particular death is because God hates America since apparently we have't lined up all gays and shot them.

Words can't describe their despicable behavior and ignorant beliefs. This bunch, which is actually just one extended family, is about as bizarre as it gets. Their collective IQ couldn't change a light bulb.

They had signs near the Oscars that said: "God is Your Enemy," "God Hates America," "Heath in Hell" and "God Hates Obama." They have so little idea about God that it's sad.

So when I took a mild shot at Sean Penn for the "shame and hatred" of that protest, I actually thought it might be a civil protest about anti-gay marriage from rational level-headed people and not these fools.

Backstage after his public comments, Penn, who won Best Actor for his portrayal of gay political activist Harvey Milk, was asked by the Associated Press what he would say to those from Westboro: "I'd tell them to turn in their hate card and find their better self, you know. I think that these are largely taught limitations and ignorances. It's very sad in a way, because it's a demonstration of such emotional cowardice to be so afraid to be extending the same rights to a fellow man as you would want for yourself."

Sorry about that, Sean. Tell you what, next time you're in town, lunch is on me.

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