Thursday, February 19, 2009


It wouldn't be accurate to say the town of Memphis and its 2,000 residents are all abuzz over the discovery Sunday of human bones and a skull at the city park. But it did make for some coffee shop conversation earlier in the week.

Photographer Matt Strasen and I were in Memphis on Wednesday to follow up on the story in which Scott Lesperance and his stepson, Zach Castillo, 10, found the remains while hunting for arrowheads. The bones most likely were of an American Indian around the turn of the century, Memphis police Sgt. J.R. Helm said.

With some time to kill while waiting for young Zach to get home from school, we discovered Gloria's Cafe on Main Street.

"On Monday, it was like, 'Hey, they found some human bones out there at the park,'" said Paul Garnica, co-owner of the restaurant. "But you know how things can get stretched out of proportion, but sure enough, they did find some."

Garnica and wife Rachel have owned the restaurant for three years. By 3 p.m., the lunch special of meat loaf was long gone. Thirty pounds of meat loaf was consumed before we got there. The chicken-fried steak is the specialty, but we went Tex-Mex. The enchiladas aren't bad.

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